Among the continuously growing industries today, BPO or Business Process Outsourcing tops them all. The outsourcing benefits have become prevalent in many companies who have continued to explore ways to keep their business operations afloat amidst the challenges brought about by the change of the world economy and the Covid-19. As the country continues to house many of the major BPO companies in the world, it still continues to strive to cater more BPO companies as it has been widely known to produce quality outsourced employees all across the region.

Today, let us know the top trending BPO companies in the national market that have shaped the modern industry and have helped the country’s economy survive amidst the challenges brought by the Pandemic.


Not just in the country but most importantly, in the world, Accenture continues to gain the spot of one of the biggest IT and BPO companies in the world. As a matter of fact, it is also known as the world’s most valuable brand. The company landed in the Philippines way back in 1985. It handles most of the functions in technology and operations aspect, especially with multinational companies’ HMO and employee system benefits. Their service largely comprise to digital information technology, health, science, banking, capital markets and insurance.

Just on the year 2021, the company made its 19 consecutive appearances on the list of Fortune Global 100 as the, “World’s Most Admired Companies.” Right now, they lead in helping Japanese security firms in integrating and redefining customer relations with the use of modern technology.


One of the tenured BPO companies in the country, Convergys has been operating in over 30 call centers across the Philippines. Convergys specializes in Info Management and customer service solutions where their clients are big corporations in the field of finance, travel, retail and insurance.

As one of the leading global firm in customer service outsourcing, the company continues to combine its services with the right analytics, operational platforms, and technological operations. With excellent customer care services, the company has continually help large corporations meet their goals and experience advanced analytics with integrated technology in meeting their goals. More importantly, large corporations are able to reduce service cost with the company’s personalized interactions. The company continues to offer multi-tiered technical assistance including both IT professionals and engineers, especially for both new users. With their comprehensive innovation and technology, they are able to continually automate simple transactions that help both their employees and clients.

Teleperformance (or Telephilippines)

One of the biggest and most reliable providers of outsourced customer experience services, Teleperformance continues to expand its reach since its breakthrough on 1996. Since then, it has operated in around 20 call center sites across the country. It caters various industries such as aviation, finance and retail.

They focus on solution design, front-office support, and back office services for accounting and collections and business optimization strategies. It also prides on its tech support with more than a decade of experience in industry-specific expertise and other related service innovation. They hold one of the most comprehensive and concise service portfolios.

VXI Global Solutions

From the time it has found its way to the Philippines, it has continually provided various experience solutions and customer care. They also provide excellent service in software development, infrastructure outsourcing and quality assurance in the country’s top brands. It’s main office is in Los Angeles but, when the company has gained numerous good feedbacks from its sites in the country, it has continually grow and, now targets to expand its call center sites.

MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services

First established in 2017, this business process outsourcing company has proven its worth in the modern industry amidst the strong, established and big competitors it has. This is one of the big companies founded by a Filipino-born individual who ventured into web development and marketing processes. Given that the company is founded by a Filipino, the work ethics, values and targets totally appeal to the Filipino talents and culture. The company has better understanding with all of its Filipino counterparts and employees.

Today, the outsourcing services have well expanded that the company now has over 10 service areas that have been serving large corporations. Some of the MCVO services include:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Customer Service Support
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Entry
  • Graphic Design
  • Human Resource
  • Software Development
  • Video Editing
  • Photo and Video Editing
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Web Design
  • Billing and more!

The company also prides itself in offering network system administration and IT help desk. With the success they have achieved in less than 10 years, they continually competitively run along with the big BPO companies in the country.


A global business that offers multi-channel customer support for more than 2000 companies both in the Philippines and abroad. Just a year younger than Teleperformance, Sykes started its operation in the Philippines last 1997. Since then, it has served various enterprises in different industries such as transportation, healthcare, leisure, communication and technology. As a matter of fact, it was awarded as the Top Employer of the Year last Asia’s 10th CEO Awards.


One of the most promising BPO companies operating in the country that specializes in human resource management solutions and affordable outsourced staffing solutions, STAFFVIRTUAL continues to serve large corporations from different industries in the field of education sectors, retail and finance. They are a specialized outsourcing company that prides its way in providing excellent yet informative support to both small and large business sectors.


When it comes to analytics and other related services, no other BPO company that has gained such noise but Sutherland. Sutherland Global Services PH INC is a global provider of wide range of services that involves analytics such as project management, customer behavior analytics, media, retail and banking.


When it comes to customer service and experience with a personal human touch, Sitel primes its name. They are one of the most popular BPO companies in the country because of their unique way of adding humanly touch to their services including their clients in large corporations. They serve clients in health, travel, retail and many more.

They want to impose a type of environment wherein their contact centers are paired with innovative solutions with emotion, empathy and human touch.