With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus causing the pandemic, people today are becoming more resilient in taking care of themselves to be armed against the dangers of the virus.

As health became the top priority of many, business today must take into consideration the needs of the market and provide them with products and service which fulfills this.

Enter Barefruit Guyabano, a beverage franchise that utilizes real and fresh fruits like guyabano, durian, and Lanka. The health benefits of these exotic foods which had been clinically proven to combat some diseases are one of the most ideal business investment to make today and for the future.

If you’re interested in how you can become a part of the growing Barefruit Guyabano franchisees, read further and discover their different franchise packages and further details about their company.

About Barefruit Guyabano Franchise

The founders of Barefruit Guyabano started their journey to discover the right blend of Guyabano drinks back in 2009. It was later in 2010 when their successful discovery bears fruit and gave birth to the first store of Guyabano at a local mall in General Santos City’s lower ground floor.

From there, the news spread about the business distributing fresh, real, and healthy beverages. The support of the customer and the trust of entrepreneurs who partnered with them to become Barefruit Guyabano franchisees contributed to their growth of 240 stores nationwide in 2018 alone.

Today Barefruit Guyabano is known for utilizing exotic fruits such as guyabano, durian, and Lanka they mainly export from Mindanao.

Barefruit Guyabano Franchise Details

Franchise Fee: 120,000

Estimated Cost of Investment:  395,000-1.025 Million (Estimation includes the franchise fee)

Minimum Area Size: 6 square meters.

Franchise Term: Nine (9) years

Franchise Packages:

  • Cart- 395,000
  • Kiosk- 470,000
  • In-Line- 1.22 Million

Barefruit Guyabano Package Inclusion:

  • Use of Barefruit Guyabano’s tradename
  • Cart Fabrication
  • Necessary tools, utensils, and equipment
  • An initial set of uniforms.
  • Operations Manual
  • Access to Barefruit Guyabano’s, guyabano supply
  • Endorsement of documents relevant to the location application
  • Pre-opening and grand opening assistance
  • Free extensive trainings
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Consultation, guidance, and business review

How to Franchise Barefruit Guyabano

Request for a franchise kit from Barefruit Guyabano by reaching them out through the contact information provided on the contact details section of this article. Interested franchisees may also fill out the franchise contact form found on their website. The contact form can ask as an initial letter of intent to Barefruit Guyabano. 

Barefruit Guyabano Franchise Contact Details 

Website: www.barefruit.com.ph

Facebook: www.facebook.com/barefruitphilippines/

Email: franchise@barefruit.com.ph

Contact No.: 0909-261-3344 

Advantages of Franchising Barefruit Guyabano

  • Barefruit Guyabano provides the fresh guyabano materials needed for your guyabano products, which frees you from the hassle of personally looking for suppliers with adequate materials to fill your outlet’s needed guyabano.
  • The healthy benefits of guyabano make it a strong and interesting product, especially today where health is the top priority of people to combat the ongoing COVID-19 virus.
  • Barefruit Guyabano’s product has real and fresh guyabano as a core of each of its beverage — this guyabano are sourced and produced by a local farm and farmers in Mindanao. Being a part of their franchise meant contributing to the movement of supporting our local farmers and agricultural industry.
  • Barefruit’s Turnkey franchise packages make it easy to set-up and start a business operation
  • Barefruit Guyabano’s franchise term is longer than most F&B franchises in the market.
  • Receive continuous support from Barefruit Guyabano
  • Benefit from the continuous product innovation of Barefruit Guyabano.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Barefruit Guyabano

  • Have the experience and knowledge of handling business and people.
  • Have the capacity to operate a business while adhering to the terms set by Barefruit Guyabano.
  • Be financially sound to support your branch.
  • Have the capability to pay the cost of investment according to their payment terms. Barefruit Guyabano states on their official website that their franchise packages are not payable by installments.