If you are looking for a franchise then you may want to consider Banapple. This has been the famous avenue to meet friends and to enjoy pastries along with the chikahan. From pies, cakes, smoked ribs and cheesecakes, Banaple serves tasty home-cooked style hot meals including parmigiano, smoked country ribs, pastas and lasagna roll-ups. Besides the food, the homey style place gives you a great background for Instagram posts.

It is not difficult to find the place when you are in the metropolis. In fact, they have become the famous and notable landmark for commuters for a quick take out.

Banaple Franchise: Where it All Started

The founders only started with cheesecakes and baking pies simply made for close friends and family. Later on, they referred food to a few establishments. Shortly after that, they were able to expand to client base platforms with famous restaurants and food outlets – all being served in their locality at Quezon City.

They had two big hits when they were starting and, those were the Banoffee Pie and Apple Caramel Crumble pie. From the two hit pies that they were able to name their business “Banapple.” Years after patience and diligence (when they were able to save enough resources), they transferred to a much bigger and more accessible location in Katipunan Avenue. This is when they were able to materialize the famous cake showroom cum café of their kitchen façade. This actually brought them into good business that they are now considered in the metropolis a novel find.

Banapple Franchise’s Mouth-Watering Menu

Banapple has made a mark in people’s heart because of their food. They have the home-style touch and quality ingredients that always satisfy a person’s craving. Let’s try to meet a few of their best sellers and the reason behind their success.

Lunch and Dinner Options

Hickory Smoked Barbecue Country Ribs is one of the must-try entrees when you are planning for a lunch or dinner eat out with your loved ones. It is served with seasoned garlic rice at less than 400 pesos. The food is already good enough for a 2-person serving. The soft and tender meat that easily goes off the bones is just one of the reasons you can look forward to.

Chicken Breast Parmigiano will surely fill your tummy with great food experience. It has crispy coating smothered in tomato sauce, melted mozzarella cheese and freshly sliced butter carrots on the side. Also at a great price similar to the Country Ribs.

Herbed Chicken Rolls with Basil is chicken breast with crusted herb stuffed with plenty of cheese strips and ham and, smothered with basil white sauce. This one is also served with butter carrots.

These are just the 3 main must-try entrees that they offer. These are also perfect for a quick and reasonable meal to enjoy alone or with someone special.

Creamy Pastas

They offer a couple of pastas but, we are going to focus on the two best-selling pastas which are both equally good and satisfying.

Lasagna roll-ups would be an amazing choice if you are craving for lasagna strips with parmesan cheese and herbed cream, rolled up and smothered in mozzarella cheese and classic tomato meat sauce.

Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne may not be always available to other branches because of the high demand from customers. This is a well-loved dish with al dente penne pasta and Hungarian sausage. There’s also white cheese sauce and tomato sauce.

Desserts for You

Let’s try to get to know the two main desserts that made them where they are right now and where the business name was derived:

Banoffee pie is a combination of banana and toffee filling topped with chocolate curls and whipped cream. Whether you go for a whole 9 inch serving or just small slice, it would help explain why the business has been in the industry for years.

Apple Caramel Crumble pie is your good serving of cooked apple filing on a pastry crust with cinnamon and butter crumbs. It’s a creative way of enjoying apples every now and then.

What makes these desserts far more intriguing than their taste is the price. They come in affordable prices that even if you are on a tight budget, you can still enjoy the exquisite taste that made the business stand amidst the challenging times. 

Let’s Talk About Business

When you consider taking on a franchising venture from your hard-earned savings, there are three things you should bear in mind: Brand, Products and Relevance. Without these three factors, your business will not survive in this demanding and competitive society.

The brand or name will tell you if it has been consistent in competing with the many businesses that have emerged over the years. If the name continues to make noise that it has reached to a point where people mention it as a landmark for a quick get-together or meeting place, then that would certainly tell you that it’s a business worth trying for.

Products or services will tell you if it is profitable for long term investment. The product or services should be something that can cater almost all groups of people at a reasonable rate. With the food and beverages that Banapple offers, it may be a good start.

Relevance is when you see that it has been and will be relatable to your target audience in the next years to come regardless of the structure of the national government or the society trend. You would not want to risk your resources on something that will eventually be obsolete in the next 5 years. Food is one of those that people will always look for and that is something Bannaple is really good at.

How Does One Get a Banapple Franchise?

So, is the business open for franchise? Luckily, it is. Interested investors can go to their website at https://banapple.ph/franchise-inquiry/ and schedule for a meeting with their representative. Or, you can directly contact them at: franchise@banapplekitchen.com.

They have not publicly posted the amount of investment to franchise but, they have representatives who you can talk to with your plans and goals. You will be assisted all the way. Although it is available in selected areas only in Metro Manila and South Luzon, it is a good jump start to materialize your dream of becoming a boss of your own turf and at your own time. Enjoy meals and amazing desserts alongside good drinks while making money.