Backyard business is simply a business concept that is literally made at the comforts of your home.  It may not be very popular but come to think of it there are plenty of ideas that can be profitable which you can run from your very own yard.  This just makes it more convenient as it is close to home.  Here are 5 backyard business ideas that you might want to consider.

  1. Profitable Plants

Growing plants are not only therapeutic to people but it is a wonderful site to see as well. There are a lot of plant varieties to choose from for your start-up and what is nice with this business idea is that your garden will be your store too.   Interestingly, people who love to grow and collect plants are willing to spend a lot of money for this hobby and with you, this can be one good source of livelihood.  So, what are you waiting for, convert your backyard or front yard into one beautiful garden and be a plant parent to these beautiful green babies.

  1. Vegetable and/or an Herb Garden

There are two ways to start a vegetable or an herb garden, it can be by roadside selling or you can go all the way to farming.  Whatever you choose from, you will need to know more than the basics of growing and harvesting.  The selling and the marketing part can be the most challenging but if you get the right strategy, this can really be a potential profitable business. You can sell the herbs cut, the plants, the seeds, or all three.  For vegetables, you can be a supplier to a restaurant or to your nearby market or grocery.  Whatever you choose, the business of vegetables and herbs is long lasting.

  1. Livestock Farming

Livestock or farm animals have always been a good source of income.  It is a huge industry where you can be a large-scale player or a small-scale one.  That little space in your backyard can be a start of your livestock production business. The challenge now is to determine what animal will be your source as there are a lot of choices based on the demands in the market.  There is dairy farming for fresh milk, yogurt and cheese, goat farming, mud crab, fish, pig, pearl, quail, duck, poultry and a lot more.  So, if you have an extra space at home, converting this into a home for these animals will give you an income that will become your full-time job.

  1. Laundry

Do you like the smell of soap and freshness? Do you like things to be neat and clean?  Then the laundry business might just be the one for you.  Starting a laundry business is a possible ticket to entrepreneurial success as it will also be at home.  The surge of the laundry business is a result of the demand on accessible, convenient, time saving and quality services by laundry shop owners.  How much more if these become available in either your front or backyard.  Think about the number of households in your community and how you can be of help.

  1. AirBnB Rental

Got an extra room at home? Or better yet an extra house? Then the AirBnB business model is just what you are looking for.  You just need a little room refurbishing and redesigning, take a picture of it and list it in the accommodation sharing platform of AirBnB.  Then you are ready for an extra cash for travelers all over the world.