Pizza is the symbol of fun. Gaming parties, movies, family and friend get together, and meetings demand pizza. As the saying says, a meeting without pizza should have been just an email!

If you are thinking of getting a pizza business but do not have enough money to franchise the bigger brands like Greenwich, Pizza Hut and Shakeys, you might need to check local brands.

Angel’s Pizza is the best pizza house franchise in the Philippines. The pizzas in this store taste fresh and different. If you are someone who is tired of the old tomato sauce and cheese pizza like Hawaiian or pepperoni, Angel’s unique flavor profile is something you need!

Angel’s Pizza Franchise: Company Background

Angels Pizza started offering their high-quality, fresh pizza to the Market in 2009. This tiny pizza place in Manila ballooned and now has 29 branches nationwide.

Angel’s Pizza’s secret is that they do not only use tomato-based sauce, but also barbecue and white sauce pizza. Altogether, Angels’s Pizza has flavors:

  1. Angel’s Aloha
  2. Chicken Aloha
  3. Cheesy Burger
  4. Angel’s Peperoni
  5. Garlic Shrimp
  6. Garden of Eden
  7. Pizza Overload
  8. Aloha Mozzarella
  9. Pizza Overload
  10. Halleluia Mozzarella
  11. Creamy Garlic and Five Cheese
  12. Angel’s Supreme
  13. Creamy Spinach Dip
  14. Angel’s on Fire
  15. Buffalo Chicken

How to Franchise Angel’s Pizza Franchise

Right now, Angel’s Pizza is secretive on the application process and would want to go their franchising page and start there. You can also contact them through the information below.

Angels Pizza Contact Information

Telephone: 671-4232 local 19

Mobile: 09178876180 / 09778114593


Advantages of Starting an Angel’s Pizza Franchise

  • Angels is a well-known and homegrown pizza chain. People just love the brand!
  • At the same time, it is not as big as Pizza Hut or Shakey’s or Greenwich, making it accessible to individuals with monetary resources that are not enough to fund the bigger pizza chains.
  • Angel’s Pizza products are so delicious! With 15 different pizza flavors to choose from, people are not going to get tired of the product.
  • Food will always be a need. This means repeat customers for your Angel’s Pizza franchise.
  • Pizza is one of the most popular food there is! Whenever there is a meeting or a part there is pizza!

Disadvantages of Angel’s Pizza Franchise

  • The franchising process is a secret to the public, making it hard to decide whether Angel’s Pizza franchise is for you or not.
  • It does not cater to those who love classic pizza flavors like Meaty, Pepperoni or Hawaiian.