For individuals dreaming of having a business of their own, do not be dismayed that you need a big capital to start.  In fact, with just P30,000.00 you can now open a budding business.  You just need to analyze what your community needs, identify your target customers or clients, set up the right system of operations, then you are ready to roll.  Check out the list below of interesting business ideas which might help you craft your own start-up business.

  1. Food Cart or Food Stand Business

The food cart or food stand business is among the popular food business concepts. It is the most affordable franchise you can own or the least capital needed if you would like to start on your own.  The rise of food kiosks in the last years is just an indication that Filipinos love to eat especially if it is affordable, convenient and has quality.  Even just a siomai stand or a buy 1 take 1 burger joints can have its own target and growing

market.  Just make sure that you have the best location where volume of foot traffic is high. Train stations, food courts, bus stations and offices are good locations to start. 

  1. Delivery Business

This is one booming business concept even before and most especially during the pandemic.  This just clearly shows that convenience, accessibility, and good service is the name of the game.  From food delivery, to grocery shopping, to home essentials and online shopping, the delivery services business will complete the experience.  With a motorcycle on hand, income is just a delivery away.

  1. Part-Time or Full-Time Online Freelance Business

The virtual space brought a lot of opportunities and made everyone realize that this will be our future moving forward.  Learning the online platform is a skill that needs to be learned by almost everyone especially these days.  If you think you have the digital edge and the knack in navigating the web, then engaging as an online freelancer is just the perfect fit for you.  It can be a part-time or a full-time engagement, but the possible earnings can be huge.  With a computer or a laptop, a stable internet connection and a good headphone, you are good to go as a virtual assistant, a content writer, a web designer, an online teacher, a social media influencer and a lot more.

  1. Home Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

With the presence of Covid-19, households are now conscious of sanitizing everything in their homes.  However, maintaining and keeping the house clean becomes a burden to families especially if everyone is busy with their individual tasks and roles.  This gave rise to the home cleaning and disinfecting services.  A service industry that will give your homes a thorough cleaning any time or on a required schedule giving you confidence that your home is virus or germ free.

  1. Small-Scale Catering

The business of food always brings a positive vibe.  If this is coupled with great products, excellent service and wonderful crew, this will surely stay in the business for so long.  This should be the goal of any catering services – to provide good food and great experience to its clients.  Starting small is an ideal way to do the catering business. Your satisfied clients will be your marketing arm and the best advertising they say comes from what people say.