Start-up businesses are very much encouraged because of its ability to improve standards of living and for possible generation of income not only for the business owner but also for related industries.  Entrepreneurs also help drive change with their innovation and creativity where new and improved products enable new markets to be developed and where the economy is also boosted.

  1. Salon Business

The salon industry is growing steadily and is projected to continue growing.  If you have an inclination to open a hair salon or a barber shop, now may be the best time to do it.  There are different set-ups and types of hair salon. But the best way to start is to determine a good location and offer basic services.  To help you identify what is the most appropriate, a business plan should be in place.  A good business plan will act like a roadmap for you to see the future of your business success or even failure.

  1. Travel Agency/Group Travel Package

Traveling is now considered as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Going to places breaks the routine of a stressful job and will give you a short breather.  It may be within a nearby town or a province, local travel or abroad, it really does not matter.  This just means that people have plans of going to places which also explains the boom in the traveling industry. Need I say more, you just need to pick up those guts, design a good travel agency business plan coupled with good marketing and advertising.  Connect with people and make sure that they have the best experience so they will keep looking for you for their travel needs.

  1. Fishing Business

Fishing is also a huge industry that offers a wide range of business ideas.  This particular concept will introduce the idea of growing or catching fish and sell them in your locality.  This will all depend on your location and resources as you can either build your own fishing boats and hire fisherfolks to find and catch fish for you.  There is also the other option of building fishponds where you will grow, cultivate and breed specific specie/s of fish then finding a partner that will market your product.

  1. Drug Store or Pharmacy Business

If you are with a medical background and would like to become an entrepreneur, then the business of selling pharmaceutical products might just be the one you are looking for.  The business model of starting up a drugstore might be too complicated for others but for a person with a medical background, this will come in handy. It will ease setting up the business but permits and licenses should be in place.  This will assure you that it will provide good profit if the business is managed well.

  1. Thrift Shop/Ukay – Ukay Business

The market for thrift shops or ukay-ukay is so wide that a lot of Filipinos have swarmed these places looking for the cheapest and most affordable but usable second-hand items.  Even celebrities and youtube personalities are on the look-out for unique and best finds in these places.  Used clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for the young and old, boys and girls, women and men are available.  Getting a good location and following government registration and business permits are just what you need, and you are ready to open your pandora’s box.