Takoyaki is probably one of the fanciest street food ever. Delicious buttery waffle, with some vegetables mixed in and topped with some savory octopus bits. Hmmm. Surely, the Japanese have sent us a gift when they introduced takoyaki to us!

Takoyaki is very uncommon, thus there are very few people who ever thought of starting a takoyaki business! You can take advantage of this fact by starting your own Master Chef’s Takoyaki! Here is the deatils on how you can start your very own food cart:

Master Chef’s Takoyaki Food Cart Franchise Fee is P65,000.00

Inclusions are:

  • Food Cart (this kiosk measures 5 x 2 x 6 feet)
  • Advertising Materials like fliers, banners, standees. Tarpaulins, stands are also included!
  • Cooking equipment and utensils
  • Crew uniform – this is important because we want your staff to represent the brand in the cleanest and proudest way possible.
  • Crew training – this can be taken infinitely, just check the schedule!
  • P1,000.00 worth of product sampler – you can use this any way you want: you can have these as taste samplers or add these into your inventory. Your choice!
  • Operation seminar – this is a training for you as a business owner
  • Notarized contract

Ready to Start a Master Chef Takoyaki Franchise?

Contact Tristan at 0915.6385699

Alternatively, you can shoot an email through the form below and we will get back at you within one or two business days!

More Master Chef’s Takoyaki Photos